geneMAG-DNA / Blood

geneMAG-DNA / Blood

The geneMAG-DNA / Blood kit is a novel, simple and highly efficient tool for the isolation of genomic DNA with magnetic silica beads. The DNA can be isolated from blood samples including fresh, frozen, anti-coagulated blood, buffy coat.

The lysis of cells and binding of DNA is carried out under non-chaotropic conditions with the Lysis & Binding Buffer. The wash steps with Wash Buffer I, II and III guarantee a clean DNA which is suitable for PCR reactions or other biochemical applications.

geneMAG-DNA / Blood is highly suitable for a variety of automatization platforms since it requires no centrifugation or vacuum filtration procedures.

Separation Cover
Kits Number of
SPECIAL OFFER: Cat. No.: Price
geneMAG-DNA / Blood 15
(Cat. No.: 3001-15)
15 preps from
100 µl blood
40 / 52


geneMAG-DNA 15
3001-SO 65 / 85
geneMAG-DNA / Blood 100
(Cat. No.: 3001-100)
100 preps from
100 µl blood
220 / 286 MagnetoPURE
geneMAG-DNA / Blood 500
(Cat. No.: 3001-500)
500 preps from
100 µl blood
900 / 1170
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