geneMAG-DNA / Saliva

geneMAG-DNA / Saliva

The geneMAG-DNA / Saliva kit is a novel, simple and highly efficient tool for the isolation of genomic DNA with magnetic silica beads. The DNA can be isolated from saliva.

The lysis of cells and binding of DNA is carried out under non-chaotropic conditions with the Lysis & Binding Buffer. The wash steps with Wash Buffer I, II and III guarantee a clean DNA which is suitable for PCR reactions or other biochemical applications.

geneMAG-DNA / Saliva is highly suitable for a variety of automatization platforms since it requires no centrifugation or vacuum filtration procedures.

Separation Cover
Kits Number of
SPECIAL OFFER: Cat. No.: Price
geneMAG-DNA / Saliva 15
(Cat. No.: 3301-15)
15 preps from
500 µl saliva
40 / 52


geneMAG-DNA 15
3301-SO 65 / 85
geneMAG-DNA / Saliva 100
(Cat. No.: 3301-100)
100 preps from
500 µl saliva
220 / 286 MagnetoPURE
geneMAG-DNA / Saliva 500
(Cat. No.: 3301-500)
500 preps from
500 µl saliva
900 / 1170
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