The geneMAG-PCR cleanup kit is designed for the removal of dNTPs or other buffer components from PCR mixes and enzyme reactions with magnetic beads.

The PCR products bind to SiMAG-PCR magnetic particles in the presence of chaotropic conditions, and remain tightly bound during washing. The purified PCR fragments are eluted in ddH2O.

The geneMAG-PCR cleanup kit is highly suitable for microarrays, automated fluorescent DNA sequencing, restriction digestion or other applications.

The magnetic cleanup of PCR products offers greater flexibility than centrifugation- and vacuum-based systems. Therefore highly suitable for variety of automatization platforms.

Separation Cover
Kits Number of
SPECIAL OFFER: Cat. No.: Price
geneMAG-PCR 100
(Cat. No.: 3701-100)
1 x 96 preps 50 / 65

MagnetoPURE 96

geneMAG-PCR 100
3701-SO 220 / 290
geneMAG-PCR 500
(Cat. No.: 3701-500)
5 x 96 preps 200 / 260 MagnetoPURE 96
geneMAG-PCR 1000
(Cat. No.: 3701-1000)
10 x 96 preps 350 / 460
MagnetoPURE 96
(Cat. No.: MP-30)
220 / 290