SiMAG - basic

SiMAG-Silanol beads have an unmodified silica surface with terminal negatively charged silanol groups. These superparamagnetic beads are applicable for a wide range of applications in biochromatography, e.g. purification of DNA/RNA, adsorption of biomolecules or isolation of basic proteins.

chemicell offers three different kinds of SiMAG-Silanol particles: SiMAG/F-Silanol, SiMAG/T-Silanol and SiMAG/N-Silanol caused by different silica coating procedures which generate different silica layers with a diverse distribution and formation of silanol groups (e.g. silanol, di-silanol, tri-silanol groups).

As a result of this these different kinds of SiMAG-Silanol particles will offer a different surface charge and charge distribution which will influence the binding property to DNA, RNA and proteins.

Please contact and inform us for which application and which target molecule you will use the SiMAG-Silanol beads.

Application: Purification of DNA/RNA; adsorption of biomolecules; isolation of basic proteins
Formulation: suspension in ddH2O, autoclaved
Concentration: 50 mg/ml
Particle sizes: 0.5 µm, 0.75 µm, 1.0 µm
Functional Group Product Number Quantity (ml) Price
Product Information Reference Number
- Si-OH
30 / 39
120 / 156
1.12, 1.30,
1.55, 1.66,
3.01, 4.08,
7.01, 7.02

Microscopy imaging of SiMAG
under influence of magnetic fied